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Tax Questions

How much will preparing my return cost?

Depending upon the complexity the cost is based on the number of supporting documents, W-2's 1099s etc. We will quote a fixed fee once we know the work required.

Valuation / Forensic Engagements

The Best Divorce Attorney in Boston - Do You Know Who It Is?

After working with the majority of the firms in Boston, I can say with certainty some are certainly better than others. Depending upon the facts of your case, and the issues that are most important to you, we can direct you to the best attorney in town.

How Much Does a Typical Engagement Cost?

Unfortunately, each engagement is unique. Cost is driven by time and the hourly rate of the lead expert and his support staff.

How Long Will the Engagement Take to Complete?

Upon receipt of the executed engagement letter completion we strive to complete all engagements within six weeks.

What Should I Look For in an Expert?

Since you are reading this information I believe you already know. First any expert should have at least one designation and it should be recognized nationally. You should be suspect of any individual that does not have any designations, but claims to be an expert in a particular field. CPA's are an excellent choice as the baseline for an advisor, they have demonstrated ability in financial analysis, audit, tax implications, and income determination. Next look for a designation in the particular field of interest. If you are looking for a valuation expert look for particular designations from the following professional organizations.